3 Things to consider before applying for Job in Accounting and Finance Field

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  • by October 17, 2019

Requirement of Best Talents in field of Accounting and Finance has been involved with various Policies of New government. Specially Demonetization in Year 2016 and GST Act in 2017 has opened multi edge opportunities for people from Accounting and Finance Field. With increase opportunity for Young talents, many startups are providing solution to match the demand and supply of Young Talents in Accounting and Finance Field. Here are 3 simple steps to give a head start of your career.

  1. Prepare yourself First: As said by many Recruitment firm and Industry experts, there is always a need of good talent. This is applicable to each and every Industry. In this cutting-edge era, you need to differentiate yourself from others in terms of skills, ethics and professionalism. Before approaching to companies for Job make sure that you possess a required proper knowledge. If you are Commerce graduate and want to get Job, then go get a Practical training first. If you don’t want to spend money in Training, then be ready to work for free or at nominal Salary. So it is always advisable to take a course related to field you want to pursue your career.

  2. Reach out to influencers who can get you connected with right kind of recruiters: Once you’re sure that you possess a enough practical knowledge to get started then you have to approach right kind of influencers who can get you connected with right kind of recruiters. You can reach out to your local Human Resource agencies, but they will take registration charges and certain % of your First month Salary (20-50%). Or else you can list your profile on online Job Portals. There are multiple Job portals where you can post your job for free. Few are some examples:

    à www.shine.com
    à www.accountingbaba.in
    à www.naukri.com
    à www.monster.com
    à www.ndeed.com
    à www.quickerjobs.com
    Apply for suitable jobs available on these portals and appear for Interview.

  3. Decide Terms with Employer: One of the most crucial things and most ignored thing from candidates side is that after getting a nod from Employer they just want to get started. This will not be beneficial for you in long run. Follow the steps given below to make sure that you are getting placed at right company.

    Research about background of company- Research about work culture, timings, integrity of decision maker etc. Make sure that Profile of company suits your Personality and ethics. You can get information about company from: Social Media, Current Employees, Former Employees or people from same field

    Ask for Offer Letter- Corporates have practice of giving offer letter to candidates before hiring. If you are joining a growing firm then ask for an offer letter mentioning the timings, Salary offered, Job Description, Leave Policy etc. Discuss with employer if you want to get changed a particular clause in offer letter

    Read Bond carefully before signing it- No Employer wants that candidate leaves the organization after working for few days or weeks. So, they will make candidates to sign a bond for 1 or 2 years depending upon policy of organization. In such case rather than signing the bond without reading make sure you read it thoroughly. If you don’t understand the particular clause take an advice of some professional or ask the employer. If you want to get any clause changed then discuss it with your employer.

Finally, it takes time to get a Job and get a perfect organization for your future but if you will follow above steps then it would be easier for you to give your career a head start.