5 Reasons you will not be able to hire a Right Accountant. 

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  • by October 15, 2020

You're a Entrepreneur wants to hire someone who can take care of financial statements of your organization. You start looking for the Right candidate by posting your requirements on various online and offline platforms, you screen the resumes, schedule interviews and finally issue an offer letter to the ONE. You call them for trial and after a couple of days he(she)  just disappears, not answering your calls afterwards. You have met the dead end. There might be many reasons for you not being able to hire right Accountant but I have listed down 5 Reasons from my experience of hiring hundreds of Accountants for my clients.

1. Unrealistic Expectations :

​Don't expect more from Entry level Accountants. He only knows the debit and credit of Accounts. He doesn't know much about your values and culture. You need to nurture them as per your style of working. So only check with family background in brief and give a proper work atmosphere to him to get settled in your organization. He is only at level 1 in your organization. Don't expect him to behave like a level 20 in the beginning itself.

2. Lack of Patience :

If you're hiring a Head of Accounts department or any senior accountants then you need to have a little patience. If you need a good candidate, it will take time, PERIOD. So Plan your hiring before 2-3 months as there are many stages involved in hiring someone on senior position starting from Posting requirement online, screening resumes, calling them for interview, giving offer letter, calling them on trial to signing a agreement with them. So you need to give time to the process to make sure everything goes right. Don't expect hiring to be done overnight.

3. Unclear Job Description :

Until and unless you're having in-house HR, you will not be noting down the exact requirement on piece of paper. If you're already doing it then cheers. You have aced in basics of recruitment process. Take a help of your CA or Tax Consultant, he will be able to give you some good inputs in Preparing job description for Accountant. Set your expectation right before calling candidates for Walk-in-Interviews. One more thing, make it as much descriptive as possible. You can add Skills you're looking for, your office timings, leave policy, soft skills, your offered Salary and other perks which candidate will be eligible for.

4. Improper Communication :

This is the most responsible reason you will not get Candidate which you're looking for. If you are not communicating your requirement to candidate or to recruitment agencies then you might end up wasting your time and resources. You need to pour your expectations in the mind of candidate. This can be done when you're considering hiring someone from the entire process. You need to clear how do your organization work, what will be the organization hierarchy, what will be the reporting structure and everything you think which will be useful to candidate for taking decision regarding joining your organization.

5. Lack of Professional Involvement :

Let's accept this. You are not a recruitment expert even if you have done many for your organization. Even if you consider yourself to be an expert, I don't feel your time is worth of screening candidate resumes, calling them for an interview and takings hundreds of interviews for a particular Opening. In India, there are many job seekers on given point of time and there will be many ineligible candidates who are going to apply for your particular opening. You will have to explain your expectations to many of them and it will end up wasting your precious time which you could have invested to grow your organization's sales. So leave the worry of hiring Accountant on Professional Recruitment agencies. Let the experts do their work.

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