The Most Common Mistake Entrepreneurs do while Recruiting

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  • by November 21, 2020

The most important asset in any business in any given day is its Human Resource. You can't make great company without best of human resource. By the best, I do not mean that you should hire polished executives from top institutions and companies. Best means who understands your vision and who takes ownership of any work given to her.

Hiring someone to work with you is a lengthy process. It involves preparation of Job description, posting it on the multiple online-offline platforms, scanning the resumes, shortlisting candidates, calling them for multiple rounds of interviews and lastly signing an agreement with them to protect mutual rights. 

If we divide entire process into 4 Part, these amount of time and importance we should give to particular process. 

Ideal scenario (Task-% of Efforts)

  1. Preparing Job Description - 20%

  2. Posting the requirement on multiple platforms - 5% 

  3. Scanning resumes - 15%

  4. Offline Interviews- 40%

  5. Background check and signing of agreement - 20% 

Actual Scenario (Task-% of Efforts)

  1. Preparing Job Description - 5%

  2. Posting the requirement on multiple platforms - 5% 

  3. Scanning resumes - 50%

  4. Offline Interviews- 30%

  5. Background check and signing of agreement - 10% 

As you can see from actual scenario that Entrepreneurs spend most of their time in going through the resume. That is BIG NO ! You can't judge anyone by just scanning. Yes, you can have your basic requirement matched in resume like qualification and experience. If the basic requirement is matching then you should at least call them for physical interview. If he appears for physical interview that means that he/she is really interested in doing work with you. It will not waste your much of your time. If he/she doesn't match your requirement you can finish interview within 5 minutes. You might lose the best of the talents if you are shortlisting candidates by their resumes only. Purpose of resume is only to check whether he/she can appear for physical interview or not. 


Give your time in taking physical interviews rather than scanning through the resumes. If you're running too busy in your work then allocate the work to your HR or Admin executive who have good sense of personality recognition. The reason I am giving utmost importance to physical interviews is that most of the Job seeker prepares resumes from Pro-forma available on the internet. Even though they are good in their Job, our education system has not trained them well regarding preparation of resumes. During physical interviews, you will be able to check the ora and mindset of the person. Rather than technical skills, interpersonal skills are important. How? If you are hiring an Accountant and he is very good with figures. He/she should be ideal for your opening. Now let's assume he/she is over ambitious. They don't have vision to stay in particular company and eventually grow themselves. As an entrepreneur I will not hire him. We need someone who can be with us for years and years to come. You can set your criteria for soft skills. These skills play important role in success or failure of your company. All the best for your hiring ! May the best candidate get selected to work with your vision.