Employees FAQs

Accounting Baba training gives you complete knowledge of Accounting from basic concepts to Practical use of it. It also includes certification from Accounting Baba which will add feather in your Accounting Career.

We provide two types of training:
- Basic Level
- Advance Level

Basic Training- 6 hours (approx), 1 time watch.
Advance training- 10 hours (approx ), 1 time watch.

No, Accounting Baba is not an accredited institution.

User can register as a candidate or a recruiter.
Candidate can register at https://theaccountingbaba.com/register
Recruiter can register at https://theaccountingbaba.com/company-register

You can upload your CV (doc, docx, pdf file) optionally during your registration.
Fill the resume details after successful registration.
Get the account verification done to appear on the search list for recruiters.
Now, apply for job and get access to training & assessment test.

You need to login into website and find suitable jobs at https://theaccountingbaba.com/user/job/search

You can also view job detail and apply for that job by clicking on "Apply For This Job" at job detail page.

No, you cannot reapply once you have already applied for that particular job vacancy. You can apply for other relevant jobs.

There is no limit. You can apply for any number of jobs.

No, you cannot contact to the employer directly. Employer can contact you regarding job application.

Employers FAQs

  1. Click on "Jobs" page after logging into your Accounting Baba recruiter’s account.
  2. Now click on edit button at job listing.
  3. You will be redirected to edit job page where job post details can be edited.

Job remains live (searchable by candidates) on the site as long as you keeps it open.
If you close that job, then that job will not be visible in the search job list.

It is the access to candidate resume details with personal details, skills, education detail and work experience.

If you get an access to one candidate resume, then its "CV access balance" gets deducted by 1 for the first time. You can get access to already accessed candidate details without losing CV access balance.

Express interest is the number of candidates you can send a request to on the job portal.
Suppose you searched for a candidate with some specific skills and locations and find 10 candidates relevant to your requirements. Then you can send "interest" request to those candidates. If you send request to all the 10 candidates, then 10 express interest has been utilized from your "express interest balance".

No, you cannot post confidentially.

Posting a job will contain specific details about job types, skills, experience, location, designation etc. So it will help you find the right candidate as per your requirements.

Yes, all created jobs have an edit button to make edits as long as it is open.

Click on experience filter at candidate search page.
If you apply a filter for experience with 0 years, then you will be shortlisted with all the Freshers on the portal.

Currently, email notifications are triggered at certain events. When you send an interest request to any candidate, then an email will be sent to that particular candidate informing about your interest in hi s profile. In case of any response (accept/reject) from the candidate to that request then an email will be sent to you by the system about candidate response.

Currently, there is no such functionality.

You can view your CV access count at "Wallet Balance" section of your profile.

Currently, you cannot buy CV access only. You have to purchase a package plan containing Job Post, CV access, Mail/Express.

Whenever candidate makes any changes to his personal details, skills, or work experience; then our web portal will update the details.

Currently, Accounting Baba provides services only for Accounting related jobs.

There is no such limit for Job Posting. You can enter the number of employees needed for a particular job post to make it more consistent.

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